John D. Koller

Greetings, I’m John D. Koller. I was born in 1979, which made me a tried and true product of the ’80s. A geek through and through, I’ve experienced the rise and development of video games from blips on a screen to a storytelling medium that can rival todays most spectacular blockbuster movies. I was immersed in the likes of Transformers, Pac-Man, Mega Man, and LEGO and am still infatuated with them all today. I dove head-first into the resurgence of tabletop gaming, meeting a good number of friends along the way. I’m an IT Professional and work as a Systems Administrator for a local landscaping company. I have also dabbled in computer programming, having begun a Computer Science degree in my earlier days. I enjoy the aesthetics and technology involved with photography as well as utilizing my knowledge of both in-camera effects and digital manipulation techniques. Additionally, I am a freelance graphic designer and focus on corporate identity, packaging and web design.

I have lived in Colorado since the mid ’90s, having also been in Ohio, Illinois and my origin, Wisconsin. Colorado Springs has been my residence for nearly 10 years. I share my interests for games and the like with my wife, she is a connoisseur of books and relishes in all things historical. We have a son, Paul Andrew (PAK-man), who is our geek-in-training. Our family is rounded out with 2 domestic short hair cats – Pi and Zaphod. And, yes, Pi’s name is in reference to the number and Zaphod is of Douglas Adams’ spectacular comedy science fiction “trilogy in five parts”, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Tabletop Games

Carcassonne was for me, as many, the gateway game to my “Modern Boardgame” addiction, I just took an indirect route. While I had seen the tabletop scene moving from the basements of yesteryear to the Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) of today and I had played a number of games along the way, my true jump into tabletop gaming came in 2007. Carcassonne was released as an Xbox Live Arcade title, I was instantly hooked. After some time of collecting Carcassonne and related Tabletop gaming items on my Amazon wishlist, a good friend of mine gave me Carcassonne Big Box 3 as a gift. It was the start of something huge. From those humble beginnings, I have amassed a sizable collection of games, expansions and promos. Over the last year and a half, I have become an active participant in a local gaming group. Each Saturday 25-60 of us meet at my favorite FLGS, Enchanted Realms, and have a great time playing, teaching, learning and discussing games and socializing.

Video Games

My Video Game exploits began with the Atari 2600, my parents and grandparents each had consoles – I still have the console my parents had. I remember family matches of Warlords, frantic games of Kaboom! and my constant fascination with Adventure and Yar’s Revenge. I have since collected a wide variety of consoles from the 2600 to the Xbox One and about 35 consoles spanning the time between with a myriad of cartridges and discs for each. I have been on Xbox Live since its beta days in late 2002 and for a time was quite the achievement hunter. I also used to be a diehard PC gamer, but the regular necessity to ride the bleeding edge of tech and the costs of doing so have curtailed much of what I once was in that area. I have collected and done some work toward restoring classic coin-operated arcade games too, with 4 upright cabinets, 1 cocktail table and 3 system boards in my collection.


This site was begun in March of 2003. Originally it was purely about my, recently acquired, hobby of collecting classic coin-operated arcade games. Shortly after, it expanded to encompass console and PC gaming. It has also been swept clean numerous times and rebuilt as a freelance design portfolio, photography portfolio, independent IT service site, resume showcase and in it’s latest regeneration a modern envisioning of how it was originally intended. I chronicle my tabletop and video game exploits, my various design, photography and other projects as well as my general musings and opinions. I see this as something of a public diary, a log of my ideas and endeavors. I appreciate you visiting and look forward to sharing my experiences.


There are many ways to follow what I’m doing or get in contact with me, below are just a few of them.

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