A flood of Carcassonne Expansions


A couple nights ago I put in an order at one of my favorite places – carcassonneshoppe.com. I ordered a selection of mini expansions that I’ve been missing. Now begins the excruciating period where I wait for them to arrive. Here’s an overview of the Carcassonne expansions I’ve ordered.


 Halb so wild & Halb so wild II (Haflings & Halfings II)

carc_haflings2carc_halflings1The Halflings sets are an interesting departure from the standard Carcassonne tiles. Each of the sets are twelve triangular landscape tiles that are half of a normal tile. Players still can only place these triangular tiles so that they match features on other existing tiles, including the diagonal side, but this side can only be matched to the diagonal side of another triangular tile. Halb so wild was released by Spielbox, Halb so wild II was released by Hans im Glück. The two different versions can be used together. The tiles do not add or change any scoring rules.

De Kloosters / Die Klöster (The Monasteries [in the Netherlands & Belgium])

carc_dekloostersThis is the Dutch version of the The Monestery, released by 999 Games. The set of 6 tiles replace the standard cloisters and represent real monasteries in the Netherlands and Belgium. There is also a German edition of this set real monasteries from Germany. When when a monk is placed on a monastery tile it can be played like a standard cloister (scored when the tile is completely surrounded by 8 other tiles) or the monk can be laid on its side to designate it as an abbot. Abbots are scored, like farmers, in the end game. One point is scored for the monastery itself and one for each tile connected to the monastery in the row and column leading away from it.

Die Schule (The School)

carc_schoolDie Schule was released at Spiel 2011 and benefits the school-building project of Rainbow Over Ghana by donating a portion of the proceeds to that effort. The school is placed at the start of the game ajacent to the standard start tile. The School is a pair of tiles depicting a schoolhouse with 6 roads and comes with a random color teacher meeple. This expansion is incompatible with The Phantom expansion as well as the 10th anniversary edition of Carcassonne as the teacher meeple is the same translucent plastic as the Phantom meeples and anniversary meeples. The teacher meeple begins at the school, upon completion of one of the school roads, that player scores the road and then collects the teacher. The next scored element for any player is also counted for the player holding the teacher. If the next scored element is for the same player that has possession of the teacher, the points are collected twice. After, the teacher is returned to the school; upon completion of all 6 school roads, the teacher can no longer be collected. If someone is in possession of the teacher at the end of the game, they are discarded and score nothing additional.

Carcassonne Gold Rush

Der Sheriff (The Sheriff)

carc_goldrush_sheriffA mini-expansion containing one golden Sheriff-Meeple and 6 new tiles. The Sheriff has come to lay down the law to the rowdy miners looking to strike it rich. The new tiles are marked with a golden star, when one is selected, the player must move the Sheriff to an uncompleted mountain. Any player with a tent on the mountain must draw and discard a mining token from the mountain; the player who moved the sheriff is exempt. Any mountain that the Sheriff occupies cannot be mined; at the end game, mining tokens are still collected / distributed as normal. Two of the new tiles also feature the Graveyard. Similar to Cloisters in original Carcassonne, Graveyards are scored when they are surrounded by 8 other tiles. A graveyard scores 9 points plus 1 point per city contained on the 8 surrounding tiles.

Carcassonne South Seas

Freitag (Friday)

carc_southseas_freitagThis mini-expansion consists of 6 new tiles and 1 ‘Friday’ meeple. While this expansion does not affect any of the existing rules, it does add a new step in the flow of the game. The pool of game tiles is arranged into 10 stacks of 7 (and one stack of 2) tiles. The 6 new tiles are shuffled and placed face down separate from the regular landscape tiles. The landscape tile stacks are to be used sequentially. Upon depletion of a stack the ‘week’ is over and Friday appears. Prior to selecting a landscape tile for their regular turn, the current player selects and reveals one of the expansion tiles, each tile depicts a portion of the island Friday is on. Upon revealing the tile, Friday has ‘discovered’ this portion of the island and all players receive a bonus noted on the tile. After all 6 parts of the island have been discovered, when any week is completed the player instead moves Friday to a desired portion of the island and all players receive the associated bonus. Available bonuses include free additional resources, reduced cost to ship goods, ability to trade goods amongst other players, or freely adding or removing a follower.

I’m really look forward to getting this assortment of expansions, although it does add to my already abundant backlog of games and expansions I have yet to play. At least it will quench my thirst for acquiring more tiles for Carcassonne for a while and brings me closer to having all the available expansions.

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