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Windows Phone Review – Make it Rain


Make it Rain is a “game” (I use the term very loosely) from Game Troopers, the same developer as Tiny Troopers and the forthcoming Overkill 3. One attempts to build wealth by swiping at a stack of cash, the total…
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A flood of Carcassonne Expansions


A couple nights ago I put in an order at one of my favorite places – carcassonneshoppe.com. I ordered a selection of mini expansions that I’ve been missing. Now begins the excruciating period where I wait for them to arrive. Here’s…
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Tabletop Review – Carcassonne Gold Rush


It is the height of the frontier, pioneers, mining towns and the gold rush in the American West. You, like countless others, have come to make your fortune as there is indeed gold in those hills. Stake your claim, and…
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Tabletop Review – Go7 Gaming Box Insert for Machi Koro


The hobby of tabletop gaming is an expansive one. Successful games pave the way to expansions that prolong the entertainment and refresh the experience. A game with a vast number of expansions often times becomes cumbersome to deal with. Only…
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Xbox One Review – Dying Light


City environment – check, Zombies…or rather, Infected – check, Open world – check, co-op story – check, weapon crafting – check, developed by Techland – check; Must be time for another Dead Island game! No?! Techland has passed on making…
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