Windows Phone Review – Make it Rain


make_it_rainMake it Rain is a “game” (I use the term very loosely) from Game Troopers, the same developer as Tiny Troopers and the forthcoming Overkill 3. One attempts to build wealth by swiping at a stack of cash, the total wealth is represented by a number at the top of the screen. There are bonuses that can be unlocked with in-game currency to earn money without swiping or while the game is not active as well as unlocks for increasing the value of bill swiped off the cash stack.

I don’t classify this as a game, not even a casual game – Make it Rain is a thinly veiled attempt at a cash and data grab by the developer. One can purchase in-game currency with real money to avoid the annoyance of having to actually swipe. There is no end to the game, no way to win, no adversary. There is an occasional “FBI Investigation,” a wheel of fortune style spinner to play where one’s earnings and earning potential can be boosted or, more often, confiscated. Overall, this a minor hindrance, slowing down the acquisition of cash. One can also connect the game to their Facebook account with the incentive to double the in-game earning potential in trade for personal information and contacts. The game bombards you with a request to rate it each time it is opened with the only options to either rate now or be reminded later, no means of disabling the request. It also regularly interrupts with a full screen ad, sometimes for Tiny Troopers other times for random services. The advertising can be disabled by purchasing any items from the real money store.

My playthrough of Make it Rain included attaining all 20 of the available achievements over 18 days. I built up the ability to earn money without swiping and let the phone run while plugged in, 24/7 for a week straight. I purchased available upgrades when they could be afforded, this along with some minimal swiping, earned the first 19 achievements. The final achievement for 100,000 swipes, was attained 11 days later. I couldn’t bring myself to swipe for more than a few minutes at a time as Make it Rain is so mind numbingly boring. During my playthrough, I also learned that one can avoid some of the hindrance of the outcome of the spinner by spinning it, but not claiming the result. The game will continue running automatic collection of money and will prevent another wheel to spin from appearing while the previous hasn’t been completed.

If you want to replicate the “fun” without the tedious swiping, advertising and other annoyances, you can simply use any standard algebraic calculator, add any two numbers and then repetitively press the equal key to see your total soar. So exciting. Aside from a tedious and boring 200 gamerscore to add to your Xbox Live profile, Make it Rain should simply be avoided at all costs. In a recent article from Windows Central it was written: “The heroic publisher Game Troopers arrived last year to save Xbox for Windows Phone from the jaws of mediocrity.” If this is a representation of how they ‘save’ Xbox for Windows Phone I would rather they let it die instead of making it into more of a joke.

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